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Christmas Holiday Ceramics - Cold Nose-Warm Heart Snowmen

Raelee's Creations is proud to provide Christmas this Cold Nose-Warm Heart holiday ceramic, can be given year round and remembered on Christmas.

What better way to decorate and warm up your home this holiday season.

Click here to see larger view Click here to see larger view from back side

This is a large hand painted ceramic snowmen piece with snowflakes displaying the sign "Cold Nose Warm Heart". It is approximately 14" tall and 7-8" wide at the base. The snowflakes sparkle with fine opal shimmer glitter.

Each are individually hand-finished by Raelee and all artwork is completely sealed in satin clear coated, ensuring a high-quality finish, and a long lasting holiday keepsake.


This Christmas Cold Nose-Warm Heart holiday ceramic will surely be treasured for many years to come.


To view individual larger view, Click on the selected snow characters. Click on star in the picture to see a large view of the Cold Nose-Warm Heart from the back side.



Price:..........$ 50









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